The Revelstoke Alliance Church is part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance evangelical denomination which grew out of the vision of AB Simpson in the late 1800's.

AB Simpson was born in Canada in 1843.  In 1873, Simpson left Canada to pastor a church in Louisville, Kentucky, and later a church in New York City.  His desire to minister to the floods of immigrants pouring into New York City met with great opposition from the leadership of his church.  In 1881, he set off on his own and started the Gospel Tabernacle church in New York City where all, the poor, homeless, sick, displaced and neglected people would be welcome.  This ministry to the neglected peoples of New York caused him to be burdened for those neglected groups around the world.  Not long after the Christian and Missionary Alliance was born.  An alliance of people from all different denominational backgrounds with the same vision of reaching out locally and globally, accepting all people no matter their station in life with the transforming message of Jesus Christ.

Revelstoke Alliance Church

The history of the Revelstoke Alliance Church began in 1941 with a small group of people gathering for sunday school meetings.  This group grew to the point where they were able to hire a permanent pastor in 1943 and buy a lot in 1945 for the building of their first church, the "Alliance Chapel".  In 1976, there was a fire at the church and so the decision was made to rebuild on our present location.  We desire to create a safe place where the color of your skin, your bank account, your job, sex, age or background, has no bearing on your acceptance.  It has been our privilege to serve this community for over 70 years.