Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Alliance? Is it christian?

Yes, we are an evangelical church which is part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination. For more info about who we are, go to "Our History".

What can I expect at a church service?

Our Sunday morning services are a sixty minute experience designed to help equip and inspire people to live as their Heavenly Father designed it to be lived. Our worship style is more contemporary but does include traditional songs.

What do I wear?

Our congregation is made up of people of all ages and backgrounds so you will see people dressed in all styles—from jeans to suits. Feel free to dress in what you are comfortable in.  

Do I need to bring money?

No, if you are visiting with us, please feel no obligation to give.  We are delighted to have you with us!

What is going to happen during the church service?

During the church service we sing songs led by our church band. We listen to a message generally by our pastor but we also have people in our congregation that will take turns speaking thoughout the year. We have a prayer time where people in the congregation can share praise or prayer requests and those who would like to in the congregation will pray for those requests.  We take up an offering at every service and the first sunday of every month we have communion.

Is there something for my kids during the church service?

During our Sunday morning church service we provide a supervised preschool group for 1-8 year olds. During this time children get to hear a short bible story, play, color and have a snack.  We also have a Nursery room for babies 0-12 months but do not provide supervised care. Children who are in grade 4 and older remain in the service.

Will I be asked to do anything?

No, during the service when kids go to their classes people are up and moving around taking their children out of the service. At this time there is also a coffee break when you can meet those who are sitting nearby.  There is nothing that you need to do except to say hello to whoever is sitting near you.

We also have communion once a month and during that time the congregation is welcome to go to the front of the church to take communion.  If you are the kind of person that likes to observe, than you can feel free to stay in your seat and observe.  If you are the kind of person who likes to participate than you are welcome to partake in communion.  The communion table is open for all (children/youth/adults)

What happens when the service is over?

When the service is over, the band usually will play a couple more songs for those who would like to stay and keep singing.  There is also coffee in the foyer for those who would like to go out and partake in that.  Please feel free to stay around after the service, we would love to meet you!

How do I get Connected? 

Come and say hi. We also have small groups. If you would like to get connected with others and learn about God, this is the place. You can also join our e bulletin.